New Writing

My new writing is a collection of short stories in two small volumes.  

The title is Hagiography, the writing of the lives of saints.


Both are available to download free for your kindle or iPad from Blurb Books UK.

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hagiography 1


In these three stories, we share the trials and tribulations of everyday life.  Mungo goes missing.  Daniel is dating.  Margaret is kind to her mother.  Lives unravel.  No-one’s a saint.

The Bookshelf


You can find the full catalogue of my poetry, prose, life writing and images on my bookshelf pages.


You can preview the work in full. You can also purchase or download your own copy.

Poetry & Fiction

Words & Images


For a taster of work in progress, go to the Write-Now page.

hagiography 2


In this second collection of stories, there are many lives to be lived.  Transformations occur.  Miracles happen.

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