On the Bookshelf


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Water Colour Sketch Book is a celebration of the beautiful Isles of Scilly in poetry and pictures.  Browse the pages here!

There are three bookshelf pages to browse: 


Poetry & fiction includes my recent collections of short stories Hagiography, Grace and Triptych as well as Otherworld, a novella. The poems include the short collections Taking the Biscuit and In My Hands as well as the Collected Poems 1996-2017.

Words & images includes Take Ten, a 'lockdown' project, Globe in a Jar, a collaboration of landscape poems and paintings, Uneased, a collection reflecting on the early days of  'lockdown' as well as six more 'photo books' which are collections of poetry, prose and life writing with images.

Non-fiction includes Reading the Tarot as well as Holding the Conversation - a practical guide for group facilitators, and Venturing into the Labyrinth - a personal appreciation of the films of Pedro Almodovar.


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