Collected Poems 1996 - 2017

This is a collection of poems, spanning twenty years, each of which captures a moment, an emotion or an idea.


They are not presented chronologically, or with dates.  Instead, the poems are arranged in themes that emerge from the body of work.


The first theme, Flight-path, is about making a journey or finding yourself in another place.


The second theme, To be with you, explores the experience of being in a woman to woman relationship.


The poems in the third group, Time and tide, are meditations inspired by the cycles of nature, in particular the element of water.

You can download the collection here.

The probability of separate worlds meeting is very small.  The lure of it is immense.  We send starships.  We fall in love.

(Jeanette Winterson  Gut Symmetries  1997)

collected poems 1996 - 2017

Time and tide




Way out

The tide

Has gone far


The furthest

Marker point,

The sea bed



Deeply waved


My shoes

Shimmering in the 

Half light

Of a

Spring night.

Shallow waters

Whisper to me

Thin layers


Round my

Walking feet

Flowing in

From far

Far out.

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