Holding the Conversation

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To facilitate, according to the dictionary definition, is to make easier, to help forward, to assist.  My focus in this guide is on ‘holding a conversation’.  In simple terms, the facilitator supports a group of people to talk together for a particular purpose.  

Holding the Conversation

- a practical guide for facilitators


This is an easy-to-follow manual grounded in my own experience.  

My intention is to share with you some of the know-how built up during my forty years in the diverse field of learning and development and make it available as a free download or to be purchased at its cost price.  


It is not a commercial project.


It lays out three key principles, followed by a step by step guide to the practice including tips and examples.

I hope the guide proves helpful to you in your own work whether you are new to the role of facilitator or an experienced practitioner.  

The book is available from Blurb Books UK for £6.51.

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"I like your conversational and intimate style of writing; as ever, you are precise with words and never use too many."  Alan Kay


"It comes across as an authentic personal view based on much experience. It is intensely practical while having a strong sense of personal commitment to this approach."  David Taylor


"An excellent piece of work that highlights and fully explains all aspects of the facilitation process."  Lorraine Mallon

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