Venturing into the Labyrinth

Venturing into the Labyrinth

An appreciation of Pedro Almodóvar’s films 




1. A Personal Venture


2. Red-Blooded Drama


3. Under the Skin, Almodóvar’s Spain


4. Women and Men


5. In the Flesh 


6. Blurred Lines


7. Telling Stories


8. Into the Labyrinth


9. End Note




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ii  Films

iii Actors

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Pedro Almodóvar is one of my favourite storytellers and one the most original and noteworthy filmmakers of my generation.  


With the release of his 21st feature film, Pain and Glory, in 2019, I set myself a project to re-view all the films and review what it is that gives me a rapport with his work.  


The result is this appreciative essay.   I have approached the films as someone who is interested in the stories we invent about our experience.  


I hope my personal venture into his world stimulates interest and generates some lively conversation.

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