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February 2020

Hagiography 1

In these three stories, we share the trials and tribulations of everyday life.  Mungo goes missing.  Daniel is dating.  Margaret is kind to her mother.  Lives unravel.  No-one’s a saint.

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March 2019


a novella

Lenni is an accomplished cellist who gives little away about the inner turmoil that rocks her sense of self.  We follow her over a few weeks of summer when she makes decisions that change her life in ways she least expects.

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March 2020

Hagiography 2

In this second collection of stories, there are many lives to be lived.  Transformations occur.  Miracles happen.

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March 2019


three short stories

In each of these three playful short stories, the reader visits a world within a world: a spirit guide in a magical garden; an unscripted drama in the Menagerie Theatre Company; an unfamiliar terrain that causes uncertainty.

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September 2019

In My Hands

This collection of poems explores my physical and emotional state of being as I grow older and have more time to pause and reflect.

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February 2018

Collected Poems 

1996 -2017

This is a collection of poems, spanning twenty years, each of which captures a moment, an emotion or an idea.  The poems are arranged in themes that emerge from the body of work: Flight-path, To be with you; Time and tide.

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