Thursday's Child

 This is a collection of poems and prose writings about my own life-story.  


As a child, I loved my Sindy doll.  I still have the original with her outfits dating back to 1965.  I use images from a 'photoshoot' with her to accompany the words in the anthology.

Creating the  collection was prompted by a handwritten story about her life left to me by my grandmother, Marjorie.  She is seen here standing beside me in the photograph taken on my first birthday.

Drawing on her account and my own memories, I wrote the story Lost Life.

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I open the door to find Majorie corpse-like, on her back, fully clothed, hands neatly folder across her body.  The curtains close off the afternoon sun, the view of Arundel's town square below with its antiques and tearooms, the swift-flowing river beyond.  My grandmother refuses the life she's found herself in.

from Lost Life July 2018

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