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This series of books combines images with collections of poems, prose and life writing.  

They are small square hardbacks which can be previewed in full through the Blurb bookshop.

You can download an E-book or pdf, or purchase your own copy.

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globe in a jar cover.png

August 2020

Globe in a Jar

A collection of poems and paintings made over the summer months that form a conversation between friends pondering on the landscapes within our own lives.

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women who dare dustjacket.jpg

September 2018

Women Who Dare

A collection of seven poems and five prints inspired by, and dedicated to, women from history, myth and living daring lives now, reminding us that we can all be daring.

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uneased cover.jpg

June 2020


A collection of prose, photographs, poems and paintings produced during lockdown.   It is a collaboration with three friends:  Lorraine Mallon, Maggie Scrugham, Karen Slater.

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shadow of myself dustjacket.jpg

March 2019

Shadow of Myself

A diverse collection of reflective words and images.

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the nature of things dustjacket.jpg

May 2019

The Nature of Things

A sequence of haiku poems, set with images of nature, produced as a daily meditation practice.

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thursdays child dustjacket.jpg

July 2018

Thursday's Child

A collection of prose, poems and images reflecting on my own life-story.

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