I am just back from a trip to the Isles of Scilly with my long-time friends Linda & Sandra who make a visit most years.  

The islands are inspirational, shimmering in turquoise waters, pulling you in to the ebb and flow of the tides and to appreciate the wonder of life at walking pace.

Sandra produces beautiful water-colour sketches and drawings and, this year, we have decided to collaborate on a book with her images and my words.

Here are some of the words from the poem. 


You can buy the book or download it as a free E-book.  Click on the cover below to preview the pages.



Sandra in the coastguard cafe on St Agnes.

Download the E-book free here

sketch book cover.jpg



a group of islands

rocks and 



white sand

white horses

dogs and 


the Scillonian comes

the Scillonian goes

off for the day


people merge mid-morning 

at the quay

to queue for a boat


a sea of bobble 

hats and rainproofs

sturdy shoes and 



bins in the backpack

camera and phone

another layer 

just to be safe


breathe in breathe out

time is measured here 

at walking pace


circle the paths

enter the maze

get lost in the rocks

or trudge the muddy trails


a passing nod

a smile as you shift

to share the space

or cycle by

the Scillonian comes

the Scillonian goes

[extract from water colour sketch]