Here is a new story dedicated to a cat called Mungo. It is included in the collection Hagiography 1.


I hope it makes you smile.






I like to wander.’  

It sounded like the voice of an older woman who knows her mind and is going to share it with you, the sort of voice that would remind you to be quiet in a library, not that we have quiet libraries any more. 

‘I was wandering down the big street,’ she continued without waiting for my acknowledgement.  ‘I then turned left into Cluny Gardens.’  

I’d had a few strange phone calls already, so I was nonplussed by this unusual opening gambit.

My cat had gone missing during the week.  It was mid-summer with the days stretching out and nature in full bloom. Mungo, a long-haired ginger with an obstinate disposition, had failed to return home and I was getting worried ...

I couldn't resist giving a home to this pair of big cats who now sit on my mantlepiece. One of my top memories is being able to stroke a cheetah in a rescue reserve in Stellenbosch some years ago.

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