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Venturing into the Labyrinth

An appreciation of Pedro Almodóvar’s films 




1. A Personal Venture


2. Red-Blooded Drama


3. Under the Skin, Almodóvar’s Spain


4. Women and Men


5. In the Flesh 


6. Blurred Lines


7. Telling Stories


8. Into the Labyrinth


9. End Note




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ii  Films

iii Actors

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I've been working over the last few months on a piece of non-fiction.

I have written about the films of Pedro Almodovar.  It is a personal appreciation; I have been following his movies for thirty years and felt it was time to ask myself exactly what it is that I see in his films, what is my rapport with him, what about the sequences that make me feel very uncomfortable?

The result is a 15,000 word 'essay' in nine chapters with three appendices.

See my non-fiction page to preview or download.