The image is a photograph taken myself at an exhibition of Anya Gallaccio's work at the Scottish Gallery of Modern Art in July 2019.

From this moment on 1997 100 orange and 265 red gerbera daisies, steel bars.

This month I decided to dig out and edit a story I'd written in 2009.  I have stayed true to the original draft, just sharpening up the language here and there.


It is one of several stories I have written that reflect on the world of relationships with the interplay of love, friendship, passion and pain.

None of the characters relate directly to people I know, although I have drawn on incidents and situations from my life.

On My Own can be downloaded in full here.


On My Own



It was after midnight.  So, to be exact, it was now Christmas Day.  Imogen was scribbling pages in that solitary moment when everyone else has given in to sleep.  As she waited for her cocktail of soporifics to take effect, she mulled over the day. 


She had a compulsion about recording everything.  It’s a way of talking to myself, creating my own story, I know that, Imogen noted.  


And tomorrow I get to meet a woman called Miranda who Cleo’s been telling me about.  Imogen ended her journal entry with this upbeat thought on the final line of the eighth page of illegible writing.


It’s so good, she wrote, to be around women who appear in the same stories as yourself, and then pop up in new stories where you don’t have to re-invent yourself as a character.  

It’s a sequel waiting to happen.

Read the full story here.