The book as artefact is, for me, an important element of the pleasure of writing.  


I enjoy the process of creating something tangible from my words together with images I have made myself, collaged or worked with in collaboration with others.

Over the last year or so, I have been developing my skills in making 'poem books' inspired by the beautiful artists' books that I've seen, learning the techniques for folding and cutting paper and binding pages.

P1050450 (1).jpeg

Supernature is a hand-made book that I've put together this month.

I was out in Pressmennan Woods in East Lothian with my camera, along with fellow writer, Lorraine, on a bright cold day when the autumn colours were at their most brilliant, before the fall a couple of weeks later.  It was a joy to capture the vivid yellows reflected back in the loch below as we squelched in thick red mud.

The result is a small book that is designed to immerse you in the woods with a pause to ponder on the small poems: glance and glint.



The surface I skim

throws its own reality back

in my face.


Vision quivers above.

Mud puddles