With solstice approaching, we are in the festive season although, still in the midst of the pandemic, we are celebrating with mindful consideration.

In the autumn, I put together a lighthearted collection of poems about biscuits and made a limited number of handmade pamphlets as well as a hardback publication.

It seems appropriate to end the year with a fun poem about indulging in our favourite treats.

19 December 2021

taking the biscuit.jpg

Something fruity




There’s nothing so nice

as a home-made date slice.


Not tempted by brownies or fudge cake

I can see past Victoria sponge.


A creamy meringue doesn’t crack me

and iced buns leave me cold.


Seduced by the generous sweetness of fruit 

it’s the biscuit’s the clincher for me.


Let me sink my teeth into

that segment of soft fig roll 


or rip a garibaldi complete

and neat from its perforated sheet.

Preview the poems here.  

Download the E-book free here.