It's June and we are easing cautiously out of lockdown and into summer.

I have been having fun turning some of my poems written during these surreal times into small artists' books using just a single sheet of A4 and collaging cuttings from my pile of old magazines.  

A conversation with a friend who is generously getting groceries in for a vulnerable neighbour sparked today's 'shopping list' poem. 






A Monkey Shoulder to lean on during the lengthening days


A box of random organics - delivered alternate weeks - to sharpen my kitchen inventions 


Bottles of milk to bless the doorstep twice a week


Bags and bags of fair-trade tea 


A sourdough loaf to slice and savour with soups and salads and homemade spreads


A superior shortbread biscuit - dipped in milky tea - to soften the scream of early-hours insomnia


Mail-order ginger granola not-so-sweet sumptuously soaked in cinnamon-poached pears


Carrots juiced for a sunrise hit


A bar of Green & Black’s stashed out of sight


A freezer of fresh fish or sometimes a supper down on the shore


A case for wine o clock




Pages to turn my head and heart

Paper to cut and fold


A quiz to test me

A film to transport me


Clothes that can’t confine me

Poems to compose


Wildlife to wonder at

Weather to measure the days


A visiting cat to clap while

Lashings of time idle inexorably away.