It's the first day of March, the start of meteorological Spring.  The bright skies and warm air feel uplifting after the cold winter months.

The working title of my current writing project is Reading the Tarot.  The ancient archetypes of the tarot pack fascinate me. Each card has a story to tell and when laid out in a reading, a unique narrative emerges.

As part of a meditation on the layers of meanings contained in the tarot, I have written a three line poem on each of the four elements that correspond to the suits of the cards.

I have created a hand-sewn book for the Elements together with a sister collection on Energies contained within a slip cover designed with with one of Karen's stunning prints.




A flourish of my wand 

sets energy aflame and

creativity unbounded.




In my brimming cup,

moon-drawn tides of love

surge beyond imagination.




The seasoned earth

coins riches to

nourish my mortal senses.




Clarity cuts the air like a sword,

sharpens my vision 

sculpts my intention.

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