Reading the Tarot is now available to browse on the Blurb website.  It is free to download as an E-book to your iPad, kindle or tablet.

It's been a slow burn writing project.  The idea first sparked in May 2019 when I read the cards for a group of fellow writers while on a writing retreat in the highlands.  Since then I have worked slowly on the text, card by card, and, in the last few months, pulled it all together into a book.


The stunning images were created by Karen Slater.

8 May 2021

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The tarot is like a favourite book, composed of vivid stories that can be read in limitless combinations.  The cards help us to piece together and understand our own story within a world that constantly surprises, changes, presents us with unexpected pleasures and disappointments that we need to make sense of.

 A reading from the book of tarot lays before you a narrative to reflect on.  The spread of cards allows you to pore over and analyse the various components in a personal scenario.  It enables you to see and feel the connections and contradictions that lie there, that challenge you in the moment. 


 My approach to the tarot is shaped by my interest in literature, and my professional background in one-to-one coaching and facilitating group dialogue.  The tarot offers a great way of starting and structuring a conversation, to gain insights and define choices.