The days are getting shorter, the clocks have gone back, winter is upon us.  The night sky is more stunning than ever and, at the moment, Orion makes his nightly appearance seemingly close and low outside my window.

This is a poem inspired recently by my insomnia.

November 2018





In noiseless hour

With red felt steps

I haunt

The rooms I know so well

By day

In the dark



Punctuated by

Liquid crystal dots

Luminous cooker time

The month before once more

We mark our time 

Adjust our clocks



Tick tock 

Orion waits - heavens above -

Beyond the pane 

My eyes join 

Startling stardust dots

To form a friend



In the empty night

I hold his gaze

As restless pain 

Recedes and I return

To bed 

To sleep.