Daniel is one in a series of short stories collected into a volume called Hagiography (the lives of saints).  

Here is a preview of the start of the story, revised after sharing it in draft with my writing group.

8 November 2019

Print by Karen Slater



We meet at the zoo.  It’s one of those parks that offers a generous space for its inhabitants, as near to a natural habitat as possible within a reality of captivity.  The polar bears play in a pool nestled into an undulating hillside.  Monkeys scream in the trees on the other side of the campus.  You get the picture.


It’s late afternoon on an autumn day.  Bright moments are sporadically overcast by glowering clouds.  The rain holds off.  I arrive first and choose the table beside the penguins.  As I wait for Daniel, I gaze through the glass at the creatures diving sleekly through the water.  From time to time, disconcertingly, one of the king penguins with its distinctive yellow ruff eyes me as it swims by.

Two young women in crisp white aprons stand behind the counter of tired looking scones and sponges.  They are whispering and giggling, no doubt exchanging revelations of last night’s exploits.  They ignore me.

to be continued ...

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